Day Trip to Essaouira city :

Essaouira known as the pearl of the Atlantic is one of the most attractive cities across the Moroccan Atlantic coast and visiting this city is a typical excursion that are made from Marrakech. Because The Medina of Essaouira is recognized by INESCO as a World Heritage site and blend modern culture and history with restaurants and cafes. Depending the historic the old walls make it worth more than a visi, then new local cafes and restaurants where typical food, and fresh fish are provided. In Essaouira there are many activities due to its large sandy beach such as camel ride, horses or Quad, actually it is amazing to spend few days in Marrakech but it is more amazing if you have the opportunity to visit the rampart of Mogador (Essaouira) one of the most recommended cities in Morocco all the year to enjoy the weather of the coast.

a large and well organized promenade,. This is a perfect opportunity to visit the ramparts of Essaouira Morocco spend the day outside the city and enjoy the good weather of the coast in one of the most recommended cities in Morocco all the year.


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